In addition to proper storage, regular maintenance extends the life of your kayak, canoe or SUP considerably and ensures your safety and enjoyment on the water.

Our spring check-up package gives you the peace of mind that your boat is ready for the season. We check the integrity and seaworthiness of the boat and make sure that parts that need to move do so freely and parts that have to stay put are indeed tightened. Rubber hatch covers are treated with 303® Aerospace Protectant™ to slow UV degradation and extend the life of the part. If we discover problems that should be dealt with before your first adventure of the season we will call you with an estimate before we start any work that would be an additional cost. Please contact us for an appointment!

  • Composite kayaks and canoes that spend extended periods of time outside can show some fading in the gel coat. We can buff and wax your boat to make it look nice and shiny again.
  • Deck lines, bungee cords, straps and plastic hardware will lose their strength, elasticity and/or integrity over time. We are happy to re-rig your boat with new high quality material.