Most modern high quality kayaks, canoes and SUPs on the water are built with a specific paddler and an intended range of use in mind. Some manufacturers have also created highly adjustable / customizable cockpits. Spend some time playing with your set-up to get a good comfortable fit so that you can paddle all day long and still have a big smile on your face when you come back to shore.

However, if you find that you want to make your boat or board even more your own, we should chat. We can help create a snugger fit in your cockpit, add some attachment points or find solutions to a unique problem you have encountered. Several paddlers with body limitations are happy to be on the water thanks to some modifications to their boat. And there are also options to try for people whose legs “fall asleep”.

Wavedancer’s cockpit is customized with closed cell foam thigh hocks and attachment points for under-deck storage of the pump.

If you opt to put a partial or full keel strip on a kayak that will see extreme use we will build up the high wear areas with added fibreglass and gel coat.

We can also apply skid plates to your canoe. For Royalex® (or T-Formex™) canoes we will use Kevlar® felt pads and a marine grade epoxy system. Composite canoes can be set up with Kevlar® felt plates as well, or we can build up them up with fibreglass and colour matched gel coat.

Kevlar felt skid plate on a Royalex® canoe