Structural damage (composite boats)

The core of a composite boat is built with several layers of fabric in various textures, providing the strength, and a cured resin which keeps the construction in the shape of the according watercraft. Most composite SUPs get their shape from a foam blank, wrapped in fibreglass and cured resin.

  • Some forms of impact can lead to delamination of the layers, indicated by a distinct colour difference to the surrounding area inside the boat. While this creates a weak spot and potential for water damage, your boat is likely not going to sink right away. However, we recommend a repair before it becomes a real problem and a risk to your safety.
  • Cracks are an obvious sign of damage, showing visible broken strands of fabric. They can happen in a variety of circumstances, including transport damage. To ensure your safety on the water, cracks should be taken care of before your next paddle.
  • We have mentioned abrasion in the gel coat section. If not taken care of, worn spots eventually become damage to the structure and need to be built up layer by layer before gel coat is applied.Abrasion on the inside of the cockpit (heel and/or seat area) should be resealed to avoid long term damage from water intrusion.